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What We Do

We are called to love - to love God, to love our neighbors, and to love each other.

Most people think of church as a Sunday worship service with extra programs, classes, groups, or ministries for those who are more committed, or who have more time. That’s why when most people speak of ‘church’, they speak of it as something they ‘attend’, rather than a community with which they worship, connect, and serve.

The Biblical model for the church, in Acts 2:42-47, showed a different emphasis. The early church was made up of small or mid-size communities who worshiped, connected, and served together. Their daily faith and lives intersected with each other and with the world. Surprisingly, for both Old Testament Israel and the New Testament Church, the gathering together in larger celebrations happened on special occasions.

We place high value on meeting together weekly for celebration and worship. We always will. Beyond this, however, we desire to enfold every man, woman, and young person in covenant relationships with smaller communities where all three investments of the church, Worship, Connect and Serve, are practiced together. 

Worship - We worship God together.
Connect - We love each other in profound ways. 
Serve - We are on mission together to serve a lost world with the world changing good news of Jesus. 

When all three investments are balanced, the church becomes visible, tangible, and powerful in the world. 

These three investments form the context for everything we do as a church.

  • They, together, form the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • They, together, form our witness to the world.
  • They, together, define what we understand to be growing followers or disciples of Jesus.

Worshiping, Connecting and Serving also happen to touch the deepest longings of every human heart:

  • People long to touch God.
  • People long to be part of a loving community.
  • People long to make a difference.

The gospel is the very thing that meets our deepest longing.
The church is the gospel “with skin on.”

Worship (Ekklesia - the Called Out Ones)

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.” Mark 12:30

Worship is not just a service that we attend for an hour a week. It is a posture for all of life. Jesus is worthy of our worship. He is Lord and Christ, Creator and Redeemer, First and Last!

Worship, as a posture of life, is a two-act play. First, we trust, believe and rest in all that God is, all that He has done, and all that He has promised. Second, we seek to love and serve Him. How can we do otherwise? He is worthy of our very lives.

We follow this two-act pattern in worship together weekly in celebration as a Body. We also worship God regularly within our own households and also on our own. 

Whatever the venue, worship is our expression of the following:

  • We adore God for who He is. We acknowledge God as God and admit that we are not!
  • We believe and rest in the Gospel, what God has graciously said and done for us in Christ Jesus.
  • We seek to know God’s truth and His heart through his Word.
  • We seek to know His voice through prayer.
  • We seek to know His joy through selfless obedience.

Connect (Koinonia - the Called Together Ones)

“A new command I give you: Love one another.  As I have loved you, so also you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  John 13:34-35

As members of Christ’s Body we are called to covenant relationships with each other. We do this by coming together regularly in Biblical communities where we practice the following:

  • Study and practice the way of Jesus and seek God’s presence and power through prayer. (Worship)
  • We practice mutual care and encouragement. (Connect)
  • Organize our communities around a shared mission. (Serve)
  • Our communities are not closed, but are accessible and inclusive of others.

Serve (Apostolous - the Sent Ones)

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Mark 12:31

We are called to serve the Body (the church). We are also sent to serve our neighbors (our community and our world). 

Serve the Body in one ministry. Arrange your lives to intentionally, creatively, respectfully, and prayerfully serve, befriend, and invite others to know Christ, within Biblical communities and on our own.

When we invite others to know Christ, we invite them to Worship God, Connect in community with other believers, and Serve a lost world.

Explore opportunities to serve Our World.
Explore opportunities to serve Our Community.
Explore opportunities to serve Our Church.