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New Here?

What should I expect when I visit SAFMC?

You can expect a warm, friendly atmosphere of people just like you, all going through our own “stuff” in life, learning to be like Jesus. You will find people ready to help you find anything or get anywhere. We come as we are, dressed according to how we feel most comfortable. 

We have two Sunday morning services - a Classic Worship Service at 9AM, with a more traditional style, and a Contemporary Service at 11:15AM. We have Sunday School classes from 10:15 - 11AM. You may also join us for a Sunday Evening Service at 6PM.

All of our classes and our worship services are based on the Bible as it relates to the challenges of real life, where we live, work and play. Our hope and prayer is that you will encounter God here - through solid teaching, encouraging worship, gracious hospitality, and the kindness of many people who are together growing closer to God.

What will my first visit be like?

You’ll receive a warm welcome and help from others to know where to go and what is available. We want you to feel at home, with as few distractions as possible, to allow you to hear from God. We also hope that you will connect with someone you already know and make new friends. Dive in and try us out, or sit back and quietly observe.

What is a worship service like?

The early, 9:00AM, service has a more traditional feel using classic hymns of the faith, an orchestra, choir and Scripture readings. The 11:15AM service has a more contemporary feel with a worship band, vocalists, choir and Scripture readings. Both services feature the same teaching, which helps us understand the Bible, and gives practical help with life’s problems and challenges.

No matter which service you and your family decide to attend you will be invited to participate in worship that is genuine, passionate and grounded in Biblical Truth and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Where do I take my kids?

There is something for all ages on Sunday mornings. Nursery services, Sunday School classes and youth activities happen all over the building! At every entrance there will be someone to help you find what you need. You can keep your children with you, or you can take them to activities and groups designed especially for them. We have a fully staffed nursery and Kids’ Worship through 4th grade during each worship service. 

We provide classes for every age level to help your child learn the Bible and grow in relationship with God. Sunday School classes are from 10:15 - 11AM.

We also have mid-week programs for children through 6th grade, on Wednesdays from 6:30 - 7:30PM in during the school year.

Do you have anything for Teens?

Teens attend our main worship services. Teens who are interested in attending Sunday School will meet in an informal setting in the Fellowship Area during the Sunday School hour. 
Young Teens and Senior Teens also meet every Sunday night at the Edge, 6 - 7:45PM. The Edge is designed to help teens grow closer to God and build healthy relationships in a fun, safe and caring atmosphere, lead by a team of responsible, compassionate adults. Young teens meet in CFC - 4 (down near the gym) and Senior Teens meets separately in the Upper Room.

What do you have for Adults?

In addition to worship services, for all Adults, we offer many classes during the Sunday School hour, 10:15 - 11AM.

There are Sunday and mid-week groups that feature Bible study; some that focus on life topics, and others that provide a beginner’s orientation on how to know God.  All of our groups and classes are based on the Bible.

Young Adults (18-30 years) may attend any of our classes offered at 10:15am. We also have a special worship/teaching event, called thegathering, every Sunday night at 8:08PM.